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Unlock the Power of Autonomous AI Assistants 
Making AI helpful for everyone

Become an AI enthusiast with our comprehensive AI Agent Mater Class Course. Harness the capabilities of autonomous AI assistants to revolutionize your work. From business automation, content creation, research and data analysis to app development and more, this course will elevate your skills and transform your career. Start your AI agent learning journey today, no technical or coding skills required.



  • Gain hands-on experience in utilizing autoGPT AI agents for enhanced productivity

  • Master the art of automated content creation, data analysis, and app dev with AI assistance

  • Stay ahead of the AI revolution and leverage cutting-edge prompts in your field

  • Access real-world examples and case studies to strengthen your knowledge

  • Receive a certificate of completion to showcase your AI expertise

  • One year free access to agent007GPT web app

Who should take this course?

  • Professionals seeking to advance their careers in AI and automation

  • Entrepreneurs and business owners looking to leverage AI for competitive advantage

  • Marketers, content creators, and data analysts who want to enhance their skills with AI

  • Tech enthusiasts interested in the latest developments in autonomous AI assistants

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Automation success stories

Real business use cases 
Prompts best practices

Hand on demo

Making AI helpful for everyone


Introduction to Autonomous AI Assistants
  • Understand the concept and applications of AI agents

  • Explore the features and functionalities of popular AI agents

  • Discover real-world examples of AI agent utilization


Content Creation with AI Assistance
  • Generate unique and engaging content using AI agents

  • Automate content posting and scheduling for maximum efficiency

  • Learn to maintain authenticity and human touch in AI-assisted content creation


Research, Data Analysis and Insights
  • Analyze data from multiple sources with the assistance of AI agents

  • Synthesize information into comprehensive reports and actionable insights

  • Overcome potential biases and ensure accuracy in AI-generated data analysis


Business Workflow Automation and Productivity
  • Learn how to integrate AI agents into business workflows

  • Discover AI-powered tools and techniques for workflow automation

  • Explore advanced features of AI agents to boost productivity in various aspects of business operations.


App Development and Coding
  • For developer, learn how to code faster with text to code AI agents

  • Streamline the app development workflow using AI agents

  • For non developer or no-code dev, explore the potential of AI to create innovative apps using an AI coder pair companion and natural language.

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